What are credit brokers for SMEs?

Corporate credit in Mexico is complex to achieve, especially for new businesses or do not have much time in operation. In addition, small and medium-sized companies are often at a disadvantage because financial institutions almost never offer the public interest plans or facilities that adapt to the difficulties of any venture. Fortunately, there are consultants specialized in the field that can help you find the best financing alternative available, we refer to credit brokers for SMEs.

The broker is, by definition, the intermediary that connects a bidder with a plaintiff in the wide world of financial products , and today we will explain how it helps you get credit for your business.


Differences between business credit brokers and other types of brokers

business credit brokers

Brokers can specialize in different functions, for example, the classic figure of the broker or stockbroker that we all know is the one dedicated to the purchase of shares or the sale of shares on behalf of their clients. The real estate broker serves as a mortgage comparator and hunter of good opportunities for its clients, and there are also specialized brokers in the Forex or foreign exchange market whose fluctuations can generate returns.

For its part, the credit broker focuses on connecting its customers with viable and quality credit and financing alternatives, and can work for individuals, for companies or for both.

Professional credit brokers or RyMex brokers are characterized by charging commission to credit institutions and not to those who request the loan, so their customer service is completely free. Although there is no shortage of independent agents who incur the bad practice of charging double commissions, brokers who work for reliable companies or management companies generally do not. In any case, intermediation costs are negotiable and must be transparent.

The bank or the financial institution, on the other hand, also obtains advantages of working with brokers as intermediaries, since it is they who are responsible for the management of procedures and to check that the documentation is in order, to analyze the level of risk of the investment and to offer reliable information about the requesting SMEs, for example.

Credit brokers have a wide range of resources and sources of financing , as they can work with banks, credit institutions, Sofomes, and even international financial institutions.


Fintech broker or online broker

Fintech broker or online broker

Brokers and credit intermediation Fintech are important for the economy because they promote the competitiveness and quality of services in financial institutions. In addition, they have a deep knowledge of the financial environment that empowers them to offer optimal credit solutions for their clients.

Many Fintech are beginning to specialize in providing services equivalent to those of a credit broker, thus amalgamating the advantages of both intermediary figures.

Fintechs that work as an online broker or interactive broker help your business to fund quickly, flexibly and transparently, but, above all, allow you to immediately find the financial product that best suits your needs. In addition, electronic brokers that operate through the Internet handle commissions lower than those of traditional banks and democratize access to loans.

The loan simulator or credit simulator, which has this type of Fintech, gives you great certainty about the real costs of the financial products you are requesting, from microcredits to venture capital or leasing investments, to name just a few.


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