The municipality brings the finance office to the people


Gladys Khoza, Executive Mayor of Rand West City Local Municipality (RWCLM), Gladys Khoza gets going by offering services to the people.

This is thanks to the Finance Department setting up a mobile office at the various locations where the Mayor’s Ntirhisano Service Delivery Fridays will take place, each week. This system will allow residents to find out about their municipal accounts and to make arrangements if necessary, particularly for existing debts.

It also aims to encourage indigents to apply for and be placed on the indigent register. You must, however, be eligible for relief (see below).

Speaking to the Herald in an interview, Khoza said she hoped it would encourage residents to settle their accounts and learn about the initiatives the department has in place to ensure compliance.

“While doing Ntirhisano’s Service Delivery Fridays, I realized that there was this program that I had to fit into which is credit control. In credit control, we also focus on recording You will understand that there are people who will not be able to pay the municipality for the services, so these people are taken care of by the indigent policy.

“What is happening is that the Ministry of Finance is going to Ntirhisano’s service delivery Fridays and setting up its systems in order to help these people. They are also supporting the initiative by deploying staff to help customers make payment arrangements for overdue accounts.

“That’s on top of answering questions on the spot. If these issues cannot be resolved, residents will be encouraged to use the appropriate platforms,” said Khoza, who added that she will tie into other departments that meet people’s needs as they arise. as the program progresses.

She added that this has been very well received by the residents and that it is a much needed service within the different communities.

She says it also gives her and her office an opportunity to interact with residents and get a sense of how they can improve service delivery in the different areas.

Indigents are encouraged to apply to be placed on the Indigent Registry during the initiative by providing the following information when applying for relief:

The applicant must bring with the application, the following documents:

• Certified ID copies of all owners as per deed registry. Marriage certificate/divorce decree if applicable.
• Proof of income
• Affidavits confirming indigent status
• SASSA confirmation letter
• School reports, birth certificates
• Certified copies of death certificate and letter of authority
• Municipal account
• a recent prepaid electricity bill

The municipality offers the following relief to eligible indigents (monthly):

• Free property rates charged up to the market value of the property of R450,000
• 6 kl of free water per month
• 50 units of free electricity per month
• Free sewage disposal every month
• Free monthly waste collections

The approval criteria are as follows:

• Household income below R4,500 per month (this excludes any state social grants applicants receive)
• Have a rate and/or service account with the municipality
• Applicant must not own more than one property
• The applicant must reside on the property
• Applicant must be an RSA citizen
• Property used for residential purposes only (no business and no vacant land)

Credit Control Agreement:

The finance office is also supporting the initiative by deploying staff to help customers make repayment arrangements for overdue accounts.

Clients should bring the following documents when making arrears arrangements:

• Proof of income (eg payslip)
• Three month bank statements
• Affidavit acknowledging amount in arrears
• If tenant, letter of authorization from the owner of the property
• Certified ID copy
• Minimum recent checking account payment

Arrangements will be made at the level the client can afford to pay based on their income. Credit check inquiries can be directed to [email protected]

Questions that cannot be resolved on site will be referred to the relevant department for further intervention and assistance.

Customers can visit their local municipal offices or email [email protected]


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