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Pro athletes react to child disrespecting Cam Newton in viral video


Cam Newton is not here for disrespect.

After hearing a child yelling at him that he was “washed”, Newton retorted by saying “I am rich”. The kid continued to berate Newton, targeting his status as an NFL free agent.

Finally, the video ends when Newton asks him about his father’s whereabouts as the child continues to attack the 2010 Heisman winner.

Through Overtime:

Needless to say, seeing a renowned former Auburn Tigers varsity champion and former NFL MVP treated so discourteously brought Newton’s fellow pros to his defense:

Newton’s colleagues in the NFL wished they had the presence of greatness in their own meetings, and Dez Bryant even believes this kid should have had his privileges of being at the NFA 7v7 East Regional revoked.

NFL players weren’t the only professional athletes to come forward, with current and retired NBA players also giving their input:

Newton has had an average year for the New England Patriots after spending his first eight seasons with the Carolina Panthers. He is currently a free agent and he was recently linked to the Washington football team.

Fly War Eagle will monitor Newton’s free agency and keep you updated on this situation as well.

All we know is Cam Newton deserves better than this.

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