Preetaman Wadhwa Joins GATC Health Corp as Marketing Director


“Preetaman’s long track record of global success in the production and marketing of therapeutic products is exactly what GATC Health was looking for in a Director of Marketing,” said John stroh, CEO of GATC Health. “She is a seasoned executive with a long tenure at one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Its ability to bring GATC Health’s transformative technologies to the market will help us propel us to the leadership position we seek in the field of artificial intelligence for drugs. discovery and development. “

At Amgen, Ms. Wadhwa was responsible for bringing therapeutic products to global markets for patients with oncology, nephrology, cardiology and bone diseases and for all early stage, launch and stage drugs. advanced. In addition to managing portfolios, she has successfully launched several products in global markets including Kyprolis in multiple myeloma, Lumakras in lung cancer, Parsabiv in sHPT, Repatha in cardiovascular. Ms. Wadhwa has extensive experience in partnerships and commercialization, as she has led several collaborations for expansion in China, Japan, and the United States while at Amgen. She is passionate about patient care, patient recovery and how we can bring drugs to market to meet unmet medical needs of patients, reduce barriers and deliver the promise of making a difference in the lives of patients. patients. She holds a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy and an MBA from India with MHSM of Rush University, Chicago.

“The overarching goal of the healthcare industry is patient care, and the pharmaceutical / biopharmaceutical company is on a mission to bring drugs to patients – by examining unmet needs and developing drugs to meet them.” said Ms Wadhwa. “The discovery process did not evolve with AI as it should have, resulting in high inefficiencies and delayed drug identification times. GATC Health is evolving at lightning speed to revolutionize drug discovery to bring potential drugs to patients. GATC Health has the potential to deliver safer, more targeted drugs and get them to market faster by removing key barriers to initial drug discovery. I am delighted to partner with the team to make this happen.

About GATC Santé
GATC health company is a pioneering technology company using whole genome analysis and multiomics-based artificial intelligence to revolutionize disease detection and drug discovery. The company’s patented AI platform reduces risk, time, and cost for life science companies by digitally replicating the human body to find non-obvious answers to biology’s most complex questions. GATC Health is accelerating the transition of healthcare to predictive and individualized medicine.

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