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MSP Comscentre, CustomTec, Correct Solutions and Mach Technology are relaunched under the name of “Orro” – Services


Australian managed service providers Comscentre, CustomTec, Correct Solutions and Mach Technology Group have merged into a new company called Orro.

At the helm of Orro is new Managing Director Rodd Cunico, who served as Managing Director of Dimension Data Australia from 2011 to 2016.

Based in Sydney, Orro also has offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and the Philippines.

Cunico told CRN: “We’re really excited – this is something we’ve been working on for about eighteen months, building our plan and acquiring the different organizations and bringing them together with the idea that when the moment is came and everything had been in place, we could finally launch the brand today. “

The company focuses on three main pillars, networking and collaboration, managed cloud services and cybersecurity.

Through Comscentre, Orro designs, delivers, secures and manages enterprise SD-WAN and MPLS networks specifically for data centers, corporate offices, remote workers and cloud platforms.

Managed Services specializes in hosted and cloud solutions, including solutions hosted in third-party data centers and the delivery of public cloud solutions through hyperscale cloud providers.

Security includes integrated network, cloud, data center and device security solutions, as well as consulting services specializing in protecting digital infrastructure.

“Orro is uniquely positioned to provide a new generation of secure network and digital infrastructure solutions, tailored to the specific needs of each customer. With operations in fast-growing technology areas, strong partnerships and more than 400 customers who share our vision, our technologies deliver increased efficiency, performance, agility and resilience, ”Cunico said in the announcement of the society.

“The Orro network creates new opportunities for our customers, as well as our partners and employees. With this new model, we will be able to continue to expand the market while continuing to offer the trust and credibility that we have built over the years with our existing customers. “

In addition to Cunico, Orro’s management team is made up of COO Daniel Greengarten, CFO Fabian Kuehn and COO Stuart Myerscough.

Orro’s formation dates back to 2019, when Cunico led the formation of Cirrus Holdco as a holding company to bring together Comscentre and CustomTec. Over the next two years, Mach Technology and Correct Solutions were both acquired under the CustomTec banner just before adopting the Orro name.

Speaking to CRN, Cunico said the Orro name was the result of a long process involving a marketing agency and interviews with key stakeholders. The name itself is derived from the word “tomorrow”.

“Orro is coming out of tomorrow, so it’s about trying to create that feeling and that vision that we’re focused on where the market is going and helping our customers achieve tomorrow.”

First big customer

As part of the launch of the new name Orro, the company also announced that it has signed a network upgrade contract with the Salvation Army.

The project includes upgrading Salvos’ MPLS network to a Cisco Meraki SD-WAN platform, switching refresh, network connectivity and managed services at more than 350 sites across Australia.

The enhanced network will link Salvation Army offices, support facilities and data centers nationwide. It would also allow the organization to reduce operating costs and improve network resiliency. Orro will manage the network for the next 36 months.

Salvation Army Chief Information Officer Craig Tucker said: “As an organization focused on helping communities facing hardships and injustices, The Salvation Army was looking for a partner who could simplify the tech landscape and provide a secure pair of hands.

“Orro has worked in conjunction with TSA, providing technical leadership and advice throughout our technology journey. “

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