Mendix promotes low-code veteran Nick Ford to chief marketing officer


Former Mendix Chief Evangelist Takes Head of Marketing at Pivotal Time for the digital transformation of the company

Ford targets opportunities for an accelerated paradigm shift to a digital-first economy, driving widespread adoption of low-code software development

With the robust and comprehensive Mendix ecosystem, Ford aims to put Mendix low-code at the center of the enterprise application development stack

From an English mining town to mining data in the C suite, Ford’s 30+ year career illustrates the opportunities and triumphs of low-code software development

BOSTON, June 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mendixa Siemens company and global leader in the development of modern enterprise applications, today announced that low-code veteran Nick Ford was promoted to marketing director at Mendix. Ford, based in London, was previously vice president of product marketing and chief evangelist at Mendix. He joins the C Suite leadership team for the low-code category leader as he moves low-code from a supporting role to the center of the application development stack to power the next phase. of Mendix hypergrowth.

Mendix, with global operations across Europe, North America, China, India, Australiaand the Middle Eastpioneered the enterprise low-code market beginning in 2005 and was acquired by Siemens in 2018. The company’s enterprise-based, model-based low-code approach has become the dominant paradigm for companies creating new business value with digital solutions. Researchers estimate that the $13.8 billion the global low-code development market will continue to see 44% annual growth until 2028.

Post-pandemic demands are accelerating enterprise adoption of low-code

“Businesses today are challenged to meet the accelerated demand for industry-specific digital transformation,” said Ford, Mendix’s new chief marketing officer. “With this comes a tsunami of pandemic-influenced technology innovations hitting the market. It’s now harder for businesses to separate signal from noise. Mendix’s Dynamic Application Development Platform is the short-term and long-term strategic choice for companies to overcome these pain points and leadership in the digital economy first.”

Ford added, “The Mendix platform is widely recognized for its unparalleled ability to modernize core systems, improve operational efficiency, digitize customer engagement and rapidly launch new products and business models. These assets allow Mendix to meet the company at any time. update on the arc of their digital transformation journey with customized solutions to stay competitive in their target markets.”

From a mining town to following C

Coal mining was the main industry in Dinnington, a small town in South Yorkshire, Englandwhere Nick Ford spent his childhood. Ford thanks his father for introducing him to computer programming by gifting the young teenager a ZX Spectrum kit, enabling colorful and programmable games. Thus inspired, Ford launched his more than 30-year career in software development, starting as a COBOL programmer and software consultant for North england steel industry.

“My experience working with a fourth-generation programming language paved the way for appreciating the need to build software better and seeing the value of leveraging abstraction in software languages ​​early on,” Ford said.

In 2010, Ford joined Mendix as a Solutions Architect/Sales Engineer when the young company had fewer than 40 employees. That same year, Ford helped launch the company’s first branch in the UK. As a product expert and technical entrepreneur, Ford spent a decade in multiple product expert roles, from Chief Evangelist to Head of Solutions Architecture, to platform launches that transformed Mendix into a low- multi-million dollar code. Ford cites his “appetite to change, adapt and deliberately pursue opportunity” as drivers of his rise from software developer to chief marketing officer of a global company.

A modern “growth director” using marketing data to fuel growth

In his new position, Ford is responsible for more than 100 employees, overseeing Mendix’s marketers and product evangelists, sales support, digital operations and data teams. “We have access to a tremendous amount of information detailing who uses our platform, how they use it and why,” Ford said. “The enormous potential of these metrics should change the practice of every CMO. I plan to explore metrics far beyond traditional marketing KPIs. Looking at external data and marketing trends in combination with internal marketing to improve the organization’s product and processes, a modern CMO is well positioned to accelerate business growth and revenue.”

“Nick has a unique strategic vision for data-driven marketing,” said Tim Srockby Mendix new CEO. “Combined with his unparalleled mastery of our platform and his clear understanding of how low-code can and will become the centerpiece of enterprise application development, he is the right person at the right time to lead the marketing to drive the revenue growth we are aiming for.”

About Mendix

In a digital-driven world, customers want their every need anticipated, employees want better tools to do their jobs, and businesses know that radical digital transformation is key to survival and success. Mendix, a Siemens company, is quickly becoming the engine of the company’s digital landscape. Its industry-leading low-code platform and comprehensive ecosystem integrate the most advanced technology to support solutions that drive engagement, streamline operations, and relieve IT bottlenecks. Built on the pillars of abstraction, automation, cloud, and collaboration, Mendix dramatically increases developer productivity and empowers a legion of not-so-technical “citizen” developers to build apps guided by their particular expertise. in the field, facilitated by integrated engineering from Mendix. collaborative capabilities and intuitive visual interface. Recognized as a leader and visionary by leading industry analysts, the platform is cloud-native, open, extensible, agile and proven. From artificial intelligence and augmented reality to intelligent automation and native mobile, Mendix is ​​the backbone of digital-first businesses. Mendix’s low-code enterprise platform has been adopted by over 4,000 leading enterprises worldwide.

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