McKinsey & Company Senior Financial Associate Vacancy: Check Qualification Here


McKinsey & Company Senior Financial Associate Vacancy: Check Qualification Here


McKinsey & Company is hiring an experienced Senior Finance Associate – US Payroll at their Gurugram location as part of our Global Payroll team, part of their Global Finance & Accounts service line. This group processes payroll for firm members. You will work in coordination with our internal payroll teams, regional offices, accounting, TERS and application support team.

The full details of this work are as follows:

What are you going to do:

You will liaise with the local office for payroll entries which include new hires, layoffs, LOA and salary reviews and update the payroll software with relevant changes for the payroll cycle.

In this role, you will ensure that all benefits (if applicable) are taken care of and incorporate any changes to: banking information, mailing address, tax details, etc.

You will review all applicable legal deductions – pension plans, social security contributions, etc. and also review offshore instructions.

You will generate relevant reports – payroll register, variance report, etc. before payroll is released and review them internally.

You will also coordinate payroll posting with a local office.

You’ll save payroll once payroll is posted and respond quickly to email payroll requests.

You will file statutory reports and contribution remittances with respect to – income tax; FICA FUTA, local and federal taxes and any other applicable legal liability.

You will enter the details of the remuneration – posting of salary costs.

You will maintain confidentiality regarding compensation details.

Qualifications for this position:

Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance or related field preferred.

4+ years of payroll experience in the United States.

Good knowledge of accounting principles.

Strong analytical and problem solving skills.

Good knowledge of productivity tools such as Microsoft Office Suite.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

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