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McDonald’s Reorganizes Customer Experience Team for the Digital Age – Retail Technology Innovation Hub


“Our marketing power and reach will continue to be essential throughout this journey, transforming the various customer touch points into a holistic and compelling brand experience. “

“This vision has inspired the digital customer engagement team, led by Lucy Brady, and the data analytics team, led by Craig Brabec, which we have created over the past two years.

“Lucy, Craig and their teams, working closely with Daniel Henry and the global technology organization, and Piotr Jucha and the global restaurant development and catering solutions teams, have made tremendous progress. “

“We have over 40 million active application users in our six main markets and millions more around the world. Over the past four years, we’ve grown from just over 3,000 delivery restaurants to over 30,000 restaurants. “

“And we are rolling out loyalty in our six main markets by the end of 2022, the rest of the world will follow shortly thereafter.”

“As we evolved the experience, we have accompanied clients on our journey through exciting and impactful marketing, led by Alistair Macrow and the Global Marketing team.”

The goal now is to create a smoother customer experience across all service channels.

Customers, says Kempczinski, should be able to seamlessly move between in-store, take-out and delivery service channels “to provide even more convenience and better personalization.”

“Thinking about that future, I concluded that we need to remove some internal barriers and silos that ultimately lead to a fragmented customer experience. “

“If we put our customers first, then our organizational structure should reflect the customer experience we want to deliver, not the other way around. This is why I am announcing the creation of a new customer experience team.

Manu Steijaert

Steijaert has worked at McDonald’s for over 20 years, most recently as Head of the International Operated Markets (IOM) business unit.

He will report to Craig Brabec, vice president and head of data analysis; Lucy Brady, Senior Vice President and Head of Digital Customer Engagement; Piotr Jucha, Senior Vice President, Global Restaurant Development and Catering Solutions Group; and Alistair Macrow, Executive Vice President and Director of Global Marketing.

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