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Launches UK On Board As ITV Prepares Shoppable TV Launch – Retail Technology Innovation Hub


ITV is set to unveil Shoppable TV, allowing viewers to search and purchase show products from their couch.

This will be launched during an episode of Love Island on ITV2.

Viewers can launch the shopping interface using their LG remote, but must actively register to receive notifications and use the service.

Built around an AI solution developed by The Take, the service leverages retail technology included in all LG 2021 TVs (as well as 2019-2020 models via a software update) to identify and tag featured products as they appear, keeping the viewer informed as they happen. the fact.

If a viewer is interested, they can choose to view more information with their remote and make a purchase through the seller’s site or a link sent to their phone.

They can also scroll through the products, which will be refreshed when different products and characters are displayed during a program. Additionally, users can choose to view all available products from the episode of the show they are watching.

Paul Ridsdale, ITV, Acting Director of Marketing, said: “Purchasable TV is a tremendous innovation to enable ITV viewers to be able to purchase directly from their TV, filling a real void currently in the market. “

“We know that ITV viewers love being able to purchase items featured on our programs, which makes it smoother and easier than ever.”

Boots United Kingdom

Boots UK has been confirmed as the Official Launch Partner.

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