Indeed’s CMO shares his tips for digital transformation success

“Everything we do supports our mission to help everyone find a job,” Jensen told Insider.Robin Marchant/Getty Images
  • It’s a digital world, and organizations that demonstrate digital agility continue to prevail.
  • Consultants say despite headwinds, CEOs must champion digital transformation.
  • Indeed Executive Jessica Jensen discussed how leaders can use a digital approach to drive growth.

When the founders of Netflix launched a DVD mail-order service in 1998, about a quarter of American households used the Internet outside of work.

The way we entertain ourselves has changed since then, as has the way we find employment. It’s a digital world now. Job search platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed have become the main way to land a new position.

Organizations that demonstrate digital agility continue to win.

As economic headwinds swirl and C-suite executives seek to trim their bottom line, consultants say CEOs must take the lead in championing digital transformation, strategy and growth within their organizations.

“The need for digital transformation is critical for any business and any management team that wants to be efficient and effective in achieving their business goals,” Jessica Jensen, chief marketing officer at Indeed, said in an email.

Indeed says that over the past three years, the number of job seekers hired on Indeed has doubled, from 10 people hired every minute to 20 every minute. He says his platform now attracts more than 250 million users from around the world every month, making it the largest job site.

Jensen said a focus on digital transformation has been critical to Indeed’s success. “As part of this ongoing transformation, we are focusing on automation to search, filter and schedule interviews, connecting quality talent to hiring managers faster,” Jensen told Insider.

We reached out to Jensen to find out how leaders can transform their digital approach to drive long-term growth. The following has been edited for length and clarity.

What are you doing internally to drive innovation at Indeed?

We provide products and tools that match people to the right roles, connect candidates directly to hiring managers, enable skills-based recruiting, and leverage automation to deliver faster end-to-end recruiting while removing bias from the recruitment process. Everything we do is in support of our mission to help all people find jobs.

Our Indeed recruiting platform, introduced during the pandemic, is just one example, as it already automates more than 70% of recruiting steps to help employers interview shortlisted candidates faster, improving the experience of job seekers and employers.

How is Indeed’s Job Search different today because of the innovations you’ve introduced?

We provide job seekers with smart search filters to quickly target ideal roles; personalized career experiences based on qualifications and preferences; tools inviting job seekers to interview employers in hours instead of days or weeks; assessments to make sure your skills stand out; and much more.

By automating repetitive tasks in the hiring process, talent acquisition teams can increase efficiency and time-to-hire, saving recruiters up to nine hours per request, helping connect more quickly quality candidates to employers and speed up the entire hiring process.

Google recently worked with Kantar to interview dozens of Fortune 1000 executives and marketers about what it takes to make the biggest gains in digital transformation. The single alliance identified as most critical was the relationship between the CMO and the CFO. How have you used this partnership for digital transformation at Indeed?

The CMO-CFO relationship is the secret of our success. Because we share business goals from the start, the finance team can in turn make smarter decisions about how to invest in certain business endeavors. We work together to unlock the greatest impact on business growth.

Courtney Rose, vice president of service industry sales at Google, told Insider that Indeed is a great business model that has effectively leveraged the CMO and CFO alliance toward digital transformation. “Jessica and Sean exemplify this dynamic duo – they challenge each other beyond their traditional comfort zones to be more flexible with their investments and fund future growth opportunities,” she said.

How does your partnership with Google fit into this model?

Working with Google and our finance team, it’s much more about rolling out a campaign, testing, learning and modifying the investment based on performance trends, and keeping our finance partners updated on where where or if the financial investment could also change.

Thanks to this model, we have exceeded many of our business objectives. We have a partner at Google who enables this dynamic, performance-driven marketing, and we have financial partners who understand and support it.


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