GP Marketing Director Heidi Arkinstall on the brand relaunch and the state of global hiring


Heidi Arkinstall, Marketing Director at GP

By Exec Edge editorial staff

GP is a leader in the Employers of Record (EOR) industry and helps companies hire talent worldwide through its automated, AI-powered global employment platform and supported by in-house HR experts around the world entire. After 10 years, GP has today relaunched its brand to reflect the company’s continued commitment to breaking down barriers to global trade and enabling job opportunities for everyone, everywhere.

ExecEdge sat down with Heidi Arkinstall, Chief Marketing Officer at GP, to discuss what inspired the company’s new branding and positioning, how companies in any industry can successfully hire at globally to grow their business and how talent without borders is the future of work.

Tell us about GP’s journey and momentum so far – and how it inspired the relaunch of the brand? Why did you choose to raise now?

GP was founded with a mission to enable the rapid and compliant hiring of employees worldwide. In 2012, our founder, Nicole Sahin, realized that the ability to hire great talent should not be limited by physical location, which is why GP aims to open up opportunities for growing businesses and talent through our global job platform.


. Our global employment platform in SaaS mode


changed the paradigm to allow companies to find, hire, onboard, pay and manage team members across the globe, eliminating the hassle of setting up local subsidiaries or branches – and we’ve seen the demand for this technology to explode as the world moves to remote working first.

The past few years have proven that people can work from anywhere, be highly productive, and achieve remarkable results. So we’re doubling down on our mission and continuing to drive innovation through our platform to enable what we call “workforce everywhere.” It’s clear that the future of work is here, and the work GP is doing to provide greater access to talent, the ability for companies to scale remote teams and grow revenue faster around the world, is more important than ever.

Can you explain the significance of the company’s new look and feel?

We are in an environment where our category, our customers, our competitors and our culture are all changing rapidly, and it is important that our brand image keeps up with and ideally outstrips these changes. We created this category, and we continue to lead it, so it’s important that our brand continues to reflect that leadership.

As we reimagined the brand, we wanted to evolve our identity in a way that was inspired by where we were, but reflected us as the innovative, forward-thinking company that we are and expresses in a more modern, dynamic and daring way. Our color palette is inspired by sun, sea, land and sky.

We kept our iconic globe that embodies our name, but refined it to 24 spokes, representing the hours of the day, made up of three interlocking circles that reflect the partnership approach we take with clients and talent. When the logo animates, it moves from right to left, mirroring the movement of the sun from east to west.

We have changed our name to designate ourselves by our initials, GP. The hyphen “locks” onto our GP monogram representing connection.

Globalization Partners has been established for over 10 years and has pioneered the Employer of Record industry. How does this reinvented brand better represent the company?

As soon as I started in the company, it was clear that internally we were called GP. Let’s be honest, it’s just easier to say! We started integrating this into the way we reference ourselves in our external communications so as we embarked on the rebranding work, it made sense to fully evolve our brand name to GP.

Simply relaunching us, GP, gives us the opportunity to re-express the meaning of our name, which we have articulated through our new slogan – “Global Made Possible”. This reflects our goal of being the go-to partner for businesses that want to grow beyond conventional borders and limits.

The new brand illustrates our corporate values ​​which are:

  • Be transformative: We bravely lead the charge, reinventing the ways of thinking, working, operating and evolving a global and remote workforce. We are not afraid to push the limits of what is possible.

  • Be universal: We foster growth and opportunity across a wide range of businesses, industries and countries. We are open-minded, culturally intelligent and inclusive.

  • Be partners: We don’t brag, we help. We lead with our deep understanding while keeping the best interests of our clients at heart.

As we enter our next phase of growth, we are excited to align our key stakeholders with our mission and long-term vision to open up access to new opportunities to create a world that fully harnesses human potential. .

More generally, the past few years have shown an increased appetite for companies to hire globally, accessing talent everywhere and embracing a global mindset. What are some of the trends observed by GP?

We see more and more companies turning to technology to help them hire, especially on a global scale. They’ve changed their mindset when it comes to hiring and recognize that talent searches and positions don’t have to be limited to proximity to a company’s physical headquarters – and it’s been a game-changer for everyone. . And now, with tumultuous factors, including “the great reset”, quiet dropouts and economic uncertainty, impacting globally, it’s important for companies to expand their talent pool, including in countries where they may not yet have established a presence. Geography is no barrier if companies leverage the right partner and technology platform to build and manage global teams.

What is the next step for the company?

GP has always been an innovation-driven company that strives to remove barriers to growth and opportunity. We are firm believers in the phrase “behind every hire is a human being” and strive to ensure that our technology benefits people on both sides of the equation: business and talent. We are a technology driven company, but we never want to lose sight of the human component of this industry. As a leader in the EOR category, our plan is to continue to drive innovation through our platform, our products and our people and we have exciting product updates to come in the near future. .


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