FinMapp is brought online. Consumers can use over 150 financial products from 40 financial partners to improve their financial health and knowledge to achieve financial freedom


India Business WireImagine if one can see his financial future to present and also has the power to change the outcome before it is too late with all the recommendations and guidance in the form of tools and services along with all the financial assets under a single app.

Today, India’s leading financial services company, FinMapp is launching its consumer app. It will have tools and services including financial planning, financial health gap checks, financial health scores, risk and age-based profiling, and recommendations and allocation advice and asset valuation.

This completes our earlier beta launch This year, amass more than 11,000 active users, which is already available on iOS and Android and offers all the financial products one needs such as Wealth (MF, FD, NPS & Digital Gold), Insurance (Term, Health & Motor), Capital Market (Indian & US stocks), Lending (PL, BL, HL, LAP and Auto).

FinMapp users will now be able to complete their Financial Health Gap Check and Financial Planning and can get a detailed report on their Financial Health Score along with the gaps and recommendations to improve it.

With its launch, FinMapp will become the only personal finance app one will need to achieve financial freedom and family security.

The added features will help decode the complex financial world and needs of a consumer, such as creating and managing wealth goals, as well as providing essential financial tools, such as applying for a loan, buying insurance or investing in US and Indian stocks/stacks with a click. of their fingers.

“Globalization and capitalism have created a jungle of financial products and services in our world, and although information may be readily and widely available on the web, as well as in financial, social and educational institutions, consumers do not ‘do not have enough urgency, skills or knowledge to apply for or understand and use to their advantage the wide range of financial products and services available to them’, Kumar Binit, CEO of FinMappsaid.

In India, 80% of the working population do not plan for their financial future and well-being, 89% of healthcare expenditure is out of pocket while 85% of Indians do not invest money in financial assets. FinMapp’s services aim to alleviate these friction points by leveraging technology to bring personal finance management to consumers.

“FinMapp can help consumers prioritize their long-term financial goals without compromising their short-term financial needs,” Binit said. “A common man today at an early age has issues with the accessibility and affordability of a financial advisor and our digital offerings, which leverage a data-driven algorithm and provide financial recommendations when needed, help to understand and easily use the financial tools and services available to consumers in the market.

FinMapp offers more than 150 financial products and has partnered with more than 40 banking and financial institutions to offer products to its users along with all the tools and services that will currently be absolutely free.

“India has a diverse population that uses multiple languages. Our goal is to remove the language barrier for our consumers so that they can use our platform and build trust with us,” Binit said. The fintech plans to launch its app in four languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada by the end of 2022.

FinMapp is brought online.  Consumers can use over 150 financial products from 40 financial partners to improve their financial health and knowledge to achieve financial freedom


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