Financial products: Notice of creation of a new organization


April 28, 2022

Representative of a group:Financial Products Group Co., Ltd. Hisanaga Tanimura, CEO and Founder

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Hiroshi Sakurai, Executive Director and General Manager, Corporate Planning Department.

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Notice of creation of a new organization

Financial Products Group Co., Ltd. (FPG) hereby announces the following organizational change effective May 1, 2022.

FPG performance recovers rapidly amid COVID-19 pandemic, with real estate fund business becoming second pillar after leasing fund business

In addition to expanding existing activities, FPG aims to continue its growth with a view to developing new activities. To this end, the Business Solutions department was newly established as a specialized department to further improve the legal support system of the sales division and optimize the roles between the existing legal department and the compliance department.

This will allow the Legal Department to focus its human resources on legal matters related to our Corporate Management Department and our Subsidiaries, and the Compliance Department to focus its human resources on the orientation and management of compliance in order to improve the governance of the Group, which, in turn, effectively strengthens the legal and compliance functions of the whole Group.


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