Financial Associate in New York, NY – Money Diary

Occupation: Associate
Industry: Finance
Age: 25
Site: New York, New York State
Salary: $ 250,000 (base salary of $ 115,000 with an annual bonus of $ 135,000 last year)
Net value : ~ $ 300,000 ($ 95,000 in an employer sponsored 401 (k), $ 68,000 in a personal investment account, $ 22,000 in a personal retirement account (IRA), $ 13,000 in Fundrise (ETF) real estate), $ 102,000 in a high yield savings account (currently an anomaly, I’m trying to keep around $ 10,000 here as an emergency fund, but my year-end bonus is currently in this account so that I decide how to invest it).)
Debt: $ 0
Paycheck amount (2x / month): $ 3,000
Pronouns: she she

Monthly expenses
To rent: $ 2,050 for my other half of a two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan that I share with my roommate, L.
Utilities: $ 150
Spotify: ten
Netflix: $ 14 (A group of friends and family swap access to some of their streaming services)
Scribe: $ 11 (to read books and magazines on my iPad)
Market for misfits: $ 53 (I’m on a bi-weekly subscription, I get one box once a month and I give the other)
Apple Storage: $ 1
Tenant insurance: $ 7
Donations: $ 255 (children in need of advocacy, family planning, City Harvest and Wikipedia)
Aptitude: Before COVID, I was paying $ 87 per month for Classpass. Now, I pay around $ 150 a month for classes (some live, some virtual) at my favorite fitness studios that are still in use. Because several of my favorite studios had to shut down permanently during COVID, I think it’s worth it to support my favorite instructors and studios.


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