Finance Office Goes Virtual With Launch Of AF Controller Services Portal


To access the site, customers will not need VPN access, but will need a computer with a common access card reader since users will need to use their CAC to access the portal. New customers will also be prompted to update their user profile with their MoD ID number, email address, supervisor information, and base finance office information before creating. their first request on the portal.

“He’s pretty quick,” Summers said. “It takes about two minutes, then the system is theirs. “

Currently, 88th CPTS clients send their financial inquiries to [email protected] for assistance.

“We do not remove payhelp,” Summers said.

“We are not eliminating any form of communication with our office,” he added. “We’re just adding that as a primary source for clients for tracking purposes, so they have better monitoring of what’s going on with their request. “

When customers submit a request through payhelp, they can send emails to financial technicians until the request is rejected or the process is complete. Applications may be rejected due to missing documents. Submitting documents encrypted because they contain personal information can also present a challenge for customers and their service technicians.

Summers said technicians are not always able to see these encrypted emails and should email the customer and request that the document be sent using a secure access file exchange like DoD. SAFE.

“CSP has these PII (Personally Identifiable Information) capabilities, so you can upload this document to CSP and send it to us,” Summers said. ” There is not just that. You can track what you are sending in real time.

Customers will be able to see the status and who has their request at each step of the process to include the technician assigned to the request and any elevations required to process the added Summers request. Customers will also be able to communicate with the assigned technician throughout the process, upload missing or required information while remaining in the queue.

The portal is configured to send automated emails notifying customers of updates during the request process.

Summers said that customers with email addresses ending in automatically receive notifications by email. Users whose email addresses end with something else will always follow their demands. The only difference is that they have to connect to the portal to see the updates until the CSP developers are able to solve this problem.

Real-time portal notifications allow customers to be notified of any requested documents or information, which can impact processing time and limit delays in processing requests.

Summers said the portal is a relatively new program with only a few commands currently using it to meet their financial customer support needs, so feedback is key to improving service delivery and user experiences.

“The system will become more robust as we continue,” Summers said. “It’s really based on what customers want to see. “

Summers added that they plan to add a Frequently Asked Questions section and create commonly requested sets of documents (retreats, separations, etc.) so that they are available and clients do not have to ask for them.

Other sections that are added to the portal include quick links, knowledge articles, announcements, policy briefs and guidelines, and contact points.

Summers said he recommends financial clients to use the portal because of its time-saving ability and ability to streamline the process to ensure payment accuracy.

For any questions or assistance regarding the portal, contact the 88th CPTS Finance Customer Service Office by sending an email to [email protected]


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