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Escaped python causes Louisiana mall aquarium to shut down


a python slipped out of his enclosure in a Louisiana aquarium Tuesday, forcing the park to close as wardens searched for the missing 12-foot-long python, officials said.

The Blue Zoo Aquarium in Baton Rouge stressed that Cara is not toxic, but still opted for a facility-wide lockdown to search for her.

“While we created a very secure home for Cara, our Burmese Python, she crept out of her exhibit,” the zoo said in a statement.

“Cara is a friendly, non-poisonous snake who enjoys interacting with guests at our snake education shows. Cara is a beloved member of our Blue Zoo family. The safety of our animals is of the utmost importance to us, so to ensure safety, we will be closed for the day. “

The aquarium is a two-story facility built in the Mall of Louisiana, but officials believe Cara did not enter any of the stores, officials said.

“They are confident the animal has never left their area and is still within the confines of the Blue Zoo,” said St. George Fire Department spokesman Eldon Ledoux.

The firefighters were called around 10:20 am. local time to help search. Although Cara was not found immediately, firefighters were freed within two hours as aquarium workers believed they could capture her.

The zoo, which normally opens at 11 a.m., remained closed on Wednesday.

“We haven’t found it yet, but we’re looking day and night,” said Ronda Swanson, Blue Zoo’s director of marketing, Wednesday morning. “We will remain closed today.”

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