Dhanbad: Police shoot down Dacoit and seal off Muthoot Finance office



Dhanbad, September 6: Dhanbad police shot dead a dacoit during an encounter on Tuesday morning and allegedly surrounded his four accomplices in the office of Muthoot Finance in the upscale Bank More market area below the Bank More police station.

Police engaged in the operation said that at around 10.30am five armed dacoits entered the office of Muthoot Finance with the plan to rob. However, Bank More Police under Officer in Charge PK Singh arrived at the scene in no time and cordoned off the office.

After seeing the police, the dacoits opened fire. However, the police also returned fire and in the crossfire one of the thieves was reportedly killed. However, the police on site refused to confirm. According to the latest report, the police had cordoned off the Muthoot Finance from all sides.

Notably, senior police officers, including the Chief Superintendent of Police, visited the scene to monitor the operation.

Moreover, the action is seen as a major achievement for Dhanbad Police as three days ago armed criminals stole jewelry worth over Rs 1 crore from Gunjan jewelry parlor under the post Dhansar Police Department.


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