Dhanbad: Police arrest two dacoits at Muthoot Finance office



Dhanbad, September 6: After meeting a dacoit in the office of Muthoot Finance, the police have now arrested his two accomplices who broke into the office in the upscale Bank More market area under the Bank police station. More Tuesday morning.

The search operation for other dacoits who managed to escape during the encounter is still ongoing in nearby buildings and shops.

Chief Superintendent of Police (SSP) Sanjiv Kumar also visited the scene and started monitoring the operation against the armed dacoits. SSP said it would share details with the media once the operation is complete.

However, police engaged in the on-site operation said that around 10.30 am five armed dacoit entered Matkuriya road near Gurudwara, headquarters of Muthoot Finance office, for robbery.

Some of them took office and a few began to keep the road. After getting the information, the Bank More Police under Officer in Charge PK Singh reached the place in no time. The officers said they saw the police, the dacoits started shooting.

Moreover, the action is seen as a major achievement for Dhanbad Police as three days ago, armed criminals stole jewelry worth more than Rs 1 crore from Gunjan jewelry parlor under Dhansar police station.

After 1991, it was the first time in 31 years that Dhanbad police shot dead bank robbers on the spot as they robbed a financial institution. On January 3, 1991, the late Superintendent of Police Randhir Prasad Verma single-handedly shot dead three Punjab terrorists as he robbed the Bank of India near Court More. He was also killed during the operation.


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