Data science powers integrated financial products for SMEs


Financial institutions provide much-needed working capital and large corporations build their entire business supply chain with SMEs. It’s an inherent struggle to effectively reach SMBs while having visibility into “dynamic data”. A well-capitalized ecosystem yields effective results for all stakeholders and Actyv, founded in April 2019, aims to enable financial institutions and large corporations to effectively connect to SMEs, which are an integral part of their ecosystems. Actyv envisions its ecosystem to power this with an AI/ML-based Neo platform, solving all relevant issues for large enterprises.

Dr. Tricha Anjali adds to data muscle

Actyv has built a plethora of digital tools which are used for integration, validation, evaluation, analysis, decision making, etc. Actyv’s data science team, led by Dr. Tricha Anjali, has developed an Actyv score (proprietary scoring model) that encompasses non-traditional and non-traditional datasets that propel respective stakeholders towards a decision-making process. more scientific decision-making. Dr. Tricha is an alumnus of the prestigious IIT Mumbai and Georgia Tech and has over 20 years of experience in data science and academia. In her last avatar, she led the Data Science education program at IIITB. She says, “What I love most about Actyv is the robust approach to data collection. We care about plumbing and cleaning data before we talk about buzzwords. The Actyv score is unique and was developed with proprietary and sophisticated algorithms.

A Swiss army knife for all your problems

Ramkumar (Ram), Founder and CEO, is an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in the field of financial services for SMEs. He strongly believes that tech start-ups cannot become one-size-fits-all wonders that solve a single problem with a single feature, especially in the SMB space. It is necessary to dig deep with a good understanding of the trading dynamics involved. He believes that SMEs are massively capital-starved and would prefer a Swiss army knife for the same price as a folding knife. Actyv’s unique partnerships with financial institutions and large corporations to help SMEs instead of contacting them individually is a very well thought out approach, he says.

“For a start-up to succeed, you have to execute well and ensure that the customer is always at the heart of all processes. We execute well, thanks to our strong and disciplined product and technical teams. Our productivity has not The combination of a grounded approach and a world-class AI/ML program makes us leaders in the field of data modeling,” says Raghu Venkat, Founder and CTO of Actyv .

Working with SMEs

Actyv has expanded its operations during the most difficult pandemic times. The founding team of Actyv believe that the crisis can only be tackled by supporting the local economy and relying on what they call “natural capital”, Indian SMEs working at all levels to support the economy. They say this became clear in the time of COVID, when SMEs played a crucial role in helping our country and the world weather the crisis.

They also say that acquiring Marquee customers and solving problems relevant to them made their arrival in the start-up world a memorable one. “We would like to thank our board members and investors – Raghu Subramaniam (UIPath) and Prashant Mupparapu (Citadel) who are patient and understand that our organic growth might be slow and at the same time not resonate well with new-age VCs that might confuse app downloads with traction and revenue/profit,” Ram says.

“Today’s startups splurge a lot to acquire customers, we want to be careful and take the middle path.” he adds.

Building on the lessons learned from the last year of operation, during which it has grown stronger by acquiring customers and developing interesting and useful solutions for large enterprises, the dynamic team at Actyv is now looking forward to FY22 . Expect more disruption from this dynamic startup.

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