Crediverso Launches One-of-a-Kind Financial Products Platform and Marketplace to Serve Over 62 Million of the Hispanic American Community


LOS ANGELES, September 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Crediverso, the Hispanic personal financial products company, today launched a unique bilingual platform and financial products marketplace tool to serve the 62 million Hispanic consumers in the United States, who are 2 to 3 times more likely to be underbanked than the rest of the population.

The free, all-inclusive bilingual digital platform is 100% designed and fully dedicated to the Hispanic community. It gives consumers access to fresh, relevant, and unbiased content, including comparison tools, free credit check, and marketplaces to choose the best credit card, insurance, and loan options, and how the cheapest and safest way to send money internationally. Crediverso also offers a live forum hosted by expert Spanish-speaking advisors, including personal finance experts and celebrities.

Crediverso is powered by a community of users as well as expert commentary. The Crediverso Community is a place for users to ask questions about anything from improving a credit score to how to pay off student debt. Users can get their questions answered by other users as well as certified and Spanish speaking financial experts. Users can interact with influencers and celebrities from the Hispanic community and view relevant news in the Spanish language.

Crediverso aims to provide the tools necessary to empower consumers by expanding benefits to make financial health and economic prosperity available to the entire Hispanic community. Even though Hispanics make up nearly 20% of the nation’s population, banks typically spend less than 4% of their marketing budget on them. Hispanic Americans currently spend more than 600 billion dollars annually on financial products but only have a fraction of the access enjoyed by the general market. Specifically, Crediverso aims to disrupt the 700 billion dollars global remittance market as the only platform that allows users to send money internationally each time using the cheapest rate available.

In addition to offering the country’s first and only credit check in Spanish, Crediverso also offers Hispanic consumers price transparency and the ability to compare prices through the industry’s leading marketplaces for remittances, cards. credit and loans:

Crediverso Remittance Market allows consumers to compare options for sending money internationally. A user enters how much they want to send and where they want to send it, and can immediately see which of the cheapest and fastest secure options are offered by top trusted providers.

Crediverso credit checks is the first and only place in the United States where Hispanic consumers can get a credit check in Spanish. Users can receive a free credit report and learn how they can improve their credit. Users can also purchase identity theft insurance, credit monitoring to know when their scores go up or down and why, and see which credit cards they’re pre-approved for.

Crediverso credit card market gives consumers access to the information they need to compare credit cards, such as interest rates, fees and credit score eligibility from all major providers.

Crediverso loan market, which will launch later this year, offers consumers an easy way to compare the best loans to help them find the one that best suits their needs.

“At Crediverso, we bring a range of products and services never before offered in one place for the Hispanic community,” said Carlos hernandez, CEO and founder of Crediverso. “With comparison markets, financial literacy tools and bespoke products, the community has the tools to build wealth and prosper over the long term. “

Crediverso has employed a team of nationally recognized finance experts who have written helpful reviews, guides, and educational information on how to successfully manage credit cards and other financial topics. These online tools meet the financial needs of Hispanic consumers with educational videos, articles, and personalized Crediverso products and services.

Crediverso was founded by Carlos hernandez, an entrepreneur with three diplomas from Harvard. Carlos comes from a Mexican-American family of Los Angeles who has long served the Hispanic community. Carlos decided not to pursue a career on Wall Street in order to devote his time to enriching the lives of Hispanics living in the United States.

Crediverso actively recruits in a variety of roles to grow the team and has established partnerships with several of the world’s largest financial institutions including US Bank, Western Union, Remitly, Wise, Worldremit, XE, Ria and Skrill.

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About Crediverso

Crediverso is a Hispanic personal finance products company, launching a bilingual online marketplace designed to help Hispanics make informed financial decisions by giving them access to free, unbiased, and easy-to-understand information about financial products. Services featured include tools that help users compare credit cards, loans, and ways to send money internationally, as well as free credit checks. Crediverso also provides financial literacy support resources, such as guides, procedures, and a comprehensive English to Spanish glossary of financial terms.

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