CAT Financial Products issues financial products with Fintech Influencer


Spiros Margaris is the world’s #1 fintech influencer and has been a successful investor in the fintech industry for many years. In partnership with CAT Financial Products AG (CATFP), it gives investors the opportunity to invest in a diversified and simple way in global Fintech companies that not only have enormous potential for growth in the future, but also a model stable and solid business.

Fintech companies are moving the financial sector towards more digitalization with their simple and digital customer solutions. Workflows and internal processes are also digitized, automated and made more efficient through artificial intelligence and machine learning. In recent years, many young companies have entered this sector and have gone public. Traditional banks and technology companies have also invested heavily in these areas. As the market has grown extremely rapidly during this time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to select companies that will not only shape the future of this industry, but also demonstrate strong and robust business models. In addition, there is a need to identify relevant partnerships between established companies and start-ups early on and identify potential acquisitions in this sector.

Born in Switzerland, Spiros Margaris appears in various rankings as the world’s number one fintech influencer. He is actively shaping the global industry and has insight into Silicon Valley’s biggest fintechs, banks and companies that are being called the future of finance. He is the founder of Margaris Ventures and has been active in the fintech industry since its inception. Two of his startup tenures now have a market valuation of over $1 billion, making them unicorns.

The new investment product on the “Margaris No.1 Fintech Value Basket” now offers investors access to its industry knowledge and global industry network. Together with CATFP’s product specialists, Spiros Margaris selects a range of around 25 global companies with an impact on the fintech industry, which not only have enormous growth potential in the future, but also a solid business model and robust to succeed even in a difficult macroeconomic environment. environment. In this context, the investment style as well as the investment ratio can be adapted to general market and macroeconomic conditions.

On June 01, 2022, Spiros Margaris will provide insight into the future of the Fintech industry as a keynote speaker at CAT Investors Day and officially present the new investment solution:

Spiros Margaris

Spiros Margaris

“I strongly believe that the great fintech opportunities are still ahead of us as the trend of integrated finance will further open up competition and opportunities. We haven’t seen anything yet, just that the handy fruit has been picked up. Now is where the real disruption of the financial services industry begins.”

Spiros Margaris continues:

“After my successful investments in several fintech start-ups, the launch of such an investment solution for the Swiss financial industry was the logical next step. With the CATFP, I have one of the best partners at my side for this. I am enthusiastic about the expertise, professionalism and creativity. It matches my personality.

Romain Przibylla

Romain Przibylla

Roman Przibylla, partner and distribution director of CATFP, is also delighted with this cooperation:

“I am proud that with this investment solution we can give our clients access to one of the most successful fintech investors in Switzerland. Spiros Margaris is not only a recognized expert in Fintech but also in Insurtech, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. He is a visionary who is at home everywhere in the world and who has still not forgotten his Swiss roots.”

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