Caroline Mogford joins Veriff as Chief Marketing Officer


Mogford brings more than 15 years of technology industry experience to his new role at Veriff. Most recently, Mogford was senior vice president of marketing at Qualtrics, where she led marketing and sales development for the EMEA region as well as global partner marketing. During his time at Qualtrics, Mogford grew his team from one person to around 100 around the world. Previously, she led international marketing for Google, handling marketing initiatives for the Google for Education product line.

“We are at a pivotal moment in Veriff’s history, with a great opportunity to expand our global influence in the identity verification industry by making trust scalable online,” said Kaarel Kotkas, founder and CEO of Veriff. “Caroline brings a proven track record in helping businesses – and individuals – scale successfully. She will play a critical role in helping to further strengthen Veriff’s position in the U.S. market and lead Veriff’s adoption in new markets. .”

The Identity Verification (IDV) market is growing at a rapid pace as more businesses and consumers recognize the ability of technology to instill trust and security in their online interactions. Veriff is well positioned to draw attention to the benefits of secure IDV and can leverage its position as a leading provider of IDV technology to some of the world’s biggest brands to influence market trends. Mogford’s appointment as CMO will strengthen the company’s position and provide strategic leadership behind Veriff’s efforts to educate businesses and consumers.

“There are four things I look for in a company: Does it make the world a better place? Does she have the best product in her space? Is it led by amazing founders with a long-term vision? people?” Mogford said. “Veriff ticked all those boxes for me. I think Veriff has the best identity verification technology – whether it’s making sure your kids are playing online video games safely or that your taxi driver is who they say they are. It’s something that should make our lives safer and easier. I have high expectations for what the Veriff team will accomplish and I’m excited to be part of this journey.

Mogford has a first in economics of Cambridge University and a Masters in Economics from The London School of Economics.

About Verification
Veriff is a global online identity verification company that enables organizations to build trust with their customers through intelligent, accurate and automated online IDV. The largest database on the market, Veriff’s intelligent decision engine can analyze thousands of technological and behavioral variables in seconds, matching people to more than 10,200 government-issued IDs in over 190 countries . Founded in 2015, Veriff serves a global portfolio of organizations in the financial services, crypto, gaming and mobility industries. Veriff’s clients include Blockchain, Bolt, Deel, Starship, Uphold, Wise and others. Latest news from Veriff $100 million investment round brings its total funding to $200 million and its valuation at $1.5 billion. Veriff’s investors include Tiger Capital, Alkeon, IVP, Accel, Mosaic Ventures, Y Combinator, Nordic Ninja and others. With teams in the US, UK, Spain and EstoniaVeriff employs over 500 people of 50 different nationalities.

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