Bridgewater moves to ‘all-weather’ branded financial products in China


(Yicai Global) Aug 10 — US investment management giant Bridgewater has started marketing financial products under its “All Weather” range, which refers to investments that are not vulnerable to changes in the economic climate, in order to prevent the brand from being misused. by local competitors.

The world’s largest hedge fund has registered the copyrights of several “All Weather” labels in English and Chinese in recent months, Yicai Global has learned from sources close to the Connecticut-based company.

But the term has been around for quite some time and is a popular name for financial products in China. For example, the Bank of China has an All-Weather Hong Kong equity fund, Century Securities offers an All Weather No. 1 fund of funds, and Southern Asset Management runs a partial debt fund called Southern All-Weather Strategy Hybrid FOF.

“Many companies name their products ‘All Weather’ and in doing so they pay tribute to Bridgewater founder Ray Dalio,” said Jiang Kai, Chairman of Ifund Asset. Jiang launched his own All Weather brand after reading Dalio’s “Principles” book, listening to his speeches and analyzing his strategies.

“Very few institutions apply to register the names of their strategies, and these intellectual properties are very difficult to define,” a partner at a law firm that focuses on management institutions told Yicai Global. foreign assets. “The key intellectual property is in the connotation of the strategy itself, not in the name.”

“We will continue to defend our rights and protect our intellectual property,” said Joanna Alpert, China fund manager and partner at Bridgewater, adding that it is a challenge.

When Bridgewater China launched its first private placement in China in 2019, it discovered that there were already more than 100 local investment products named “All Weather”, said Wang Yan, director of Bridgewater China, which obtained a license to operate as a foreign company. private equity firm in 2018 and has over CNY 10 billion (USD 1.5 billion) in assets under management.

Editor: Kim Taylor


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