Are you sure you qualify for live streaming for financial products?


Online marketing and sales of financial products will face more stringent regulation, and promotions via live streaming must be carried out by trained professionals, according to a draft Internet finance rule released by authorities.

New forms of marketing for financial products through live streaming, social media accounts and internet groups should be carried out by employees of financial institutions with the required qualifications, says the draft rule jointly released by seven government departments, including the People’s Bank of China, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and General Administration of Market Surveillance.

The rule is the solicitation of opinions. It is open for public comment until the end of January.

And financial institutions should strengthen the pre-audit and retrospective management of online marketing activities, such as appointing compliance staff to watch live broadcast programs.


Zhong An Online P&C Insurance employs actor Zhang Guoli as a brand ambassador, which will become illegal under the new rule.

The names or images of academic institutions, professional associations and professionals – movie stars and celebrities in particular – cannot be used to recommend or guarantee financial products.

No institution or individual may provide online marketing services for illegal financial activities, including illegal fundraising, illegal issuance of securities, illegal lending, recommending illegal actions and trading in currencies. virtual, according to the rules.

Marketing propaganda with false, fraudulent, or misleading content is prohibited, and financial institutions and their third-party internet partners are not permitted to cite false, inaccurate, or unverified data to promote financial products such as loans, insurance, and insurance. asset management products.

Are you sure you qualify for live streaming for financial products?


A girl promotes a loan platform on Douyin.

Marketing terms such as “products that have been reviewed or filed with industry watchdogs” should not be used to make them more attractive and reliable to investors.

Marketing promotions will not affect normal use by Internet and mobile device users; If the marketing is done in the form of pop-up pages, the closing sign should be clearly marked to ensure that consumers can close it with a click.

Non-bank payment service providers like Alipay and WeChat pay are not permitted to provide marketing services for loans and asset management products, and should not offer these financial products as payment options for their users. .

Are you sure you qualify for live streaming for financial products?


Zhongyuan Consumer Finance presents itself as an approved financial organization.

These new rules fill the regulatory loopholes on financial marketing activities carried out on Internet platforms, following the measures on credit investigation services published at the end of September by the central bank.

Benefiting from a large customer base and rich data, Internet Partners primarily provide product marketing and customer credit information services to traditional players in the financial industry.


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