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CHARLESTON, South Carolina, Oct. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ann Peets, chief marketing officer for pharmaceutical, medical device and consumer products, has joined the team of more than 120 split marketing directors (CMOs) at Chief Outsiders, one of the nation’s top consulting firms focused on strategic business growth.

Peets, a marketing executive with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical, medical device, over-the-counter and consumer healthcare segments, joins the team of proven marketing executives who are available for split-client engagements with companies around the world. middle market who make up the customer base of Chief Outsiders.

Known for turning challenging companies into stars, Peets has enjoyed consistent success across a broad base of companies and brands throughout her vaunted career.

As Global Vice President of Marketing at Safeguard Medical, Peets leveraged a new wave of consumer attitude coupled with dual healthcare professionals and a comprehensive direct-to-consumer go-to-market strategy to Paragard, a hormone-free IUD. The result – an 11% increase in sales and a 93% growth in awareness of the revived product after 30 years. For Becton Dickinson, she built and launched BD Rx, Inc., the company’s first pharmaceutical division, and launched the BD Simplist line of prefilled injectables.

As a senior marketing executive, Peets achieved success for other well-known drugs and medical devices, including turnaround and 10% growth for EpiPen, 27% growth for Lotrel, and the transformative launch of tablets from Zyban smoking cessation after building the “nicotine addiction grade biology”.

“Ann’s collaborative skills with operations, sales and finance consistently optimize every product launch,” said Clay Spitz, managing partner, Chief Outsiders. “In addition to launching new products and re-energizing product performance, Ann also enjoys building and leading high-caliber marketing teams to ensure consistent growth.

Peets received his MBA in General Management with a concentration in Marketing from Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina. She also holds a BA in Psychobiology from Wellesley College.

About the Chief Outsiders

Chief Outsiders is the leading fractional CMO firm that helps CEOs accelerate growth through the development and disciplined execution of well-designed growth plans. The company has more than 120 part-time and split-time chief marketing officers (CMOs) from coast to coast. Unlike traditional marketing and management consulting firms, each CMO has served as VP Marketing or above in one or more operating companies, including many Fortune 500 companies. Chief Outsiders CMOs have served as part of the leadership team of over 1,500 enterprise clients, driving growth strategy and execution plans by providing instant access to talent with highly personalized and flexible engagements.

Due to its market-based growth plans, quality of leadership and experienced team, Chief Outsiders has been recognized for the past nine years by Inc. Magazine as one of the 5,000 Private Companies to fastest growing in the United States, and was recognized in 2019 as a small giant Forbes. Chief Outsiders CEO Art Saxby and Principal Pete Hayes are co-authors of “The Growth Gears: Using a Market-Based Framework to Drive Business Success,” an Amazon bestseller for business owners and CEOs. For more information on companies that trust Chief Outsiders as their primary source for accelerating business growth, click here.

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